Release Forms

Which Release Forms do you need?

Videotape Release Form- This form releases a Guest Speaker/ Lecturer's Performance
  • Individuals making arrangements for guest speakers at Centre College must obtain advance consent from the presenter(s) to video or tape record an event. 
  • Centre College and the Center for Teaching and Learning(CTL) must be provided with a signed from all guest speakers who agree to be videotaped or audiotaped at least 24 hours in advance of the event or classroom presentation.  
  • Please note the following details:
      • A separate release must be signed by each member of a presenting panel. 

      • Videotaping of crowd or audience participants will not be permitted.

      • If you would like to videotape a performance of copyrighted works (such as an orchestral or dramatic performance), you will need to obtain synchronization rights from the Harry Fox Agency. (What are "Synch" Rights?)

Photograph Release Form- This form releases Centre College your photograph.

Archive Release Form- This form releases a student's Multimedia Project to archive.

Audio Recording Release Form- This form releases an audio-recording of a lecture.

Are you creating a Podcast?

        If your Form isn't located here, make sure it isn't on the Permission Forms Page!